In the midst of life’s storms, do you struggle with difficult questions like:

                  Why am I here?

                           How can I find peace?

                                      Is there more to life than this?

                                            Is there life after death?

                                                     Why don’t I feel loved?

Begin your journey and explore the answers with us!

Alpha 2023

Why ALPHA? Because love listens . . .
Since 2004, the Alpha program has offered Shell Point residents an opportunity to have honest conversations about the difficult life questions we all face. In today’s uncertain times, Alpha is the place to be heard, ask questions and look for answers with no pressure.
What will my ALPHA experience be like?  Everyone is welcome . . .
Your 10-week journey encourages you to explore answers to some of life’s biggest questions. This course is for anyone struggling for answers or for anyone wanting a refresher in basic beliefs.
Your evening sessions begin with a complimentary hot meal followed by a thought-provoking Alpha video filmed on locations throughout the world. Your small group provides opportunities for discussion on a variety of important topics and you participate as you feel comfortable.
Sponsored by The Village Church and the Academy of Lifelong Learning