Governing Elders

In the Christian and Missionary Alliance, the Board of Elders constitutes the highest level of authority in the local church. Elders are to provide spiritual oversight of the Church’s life and ministry and oversee the pastoral staff. They seek the leading of the Holy Spirit for the congregation, decide upon matters involving the practical application of Biblical doctrine to specific ministry situations, safeguard church teachings and doctrines, assist in the pastoral care of the congregation, and give oversight in matters of membership, baptism and church discipline.

Shepherding Elders

Shepherding Elders assist in the shepherding and pastoral ministries of The Village Church.  These ministries include visitation, spiritual care, individual and group connections, teaching, small group leadership and other ministry assignments.

Ministry Council

While the Elders oversee the spiritual affairs of the congregation, the financial, legal, property, programming and administrative aspects of the ministry are administered by the Ministry Council. This body is comprised of corporate officers, committee chairs and at-large members elected by the congregation.